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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Are you the Log?

Well I have just finished with the annual fishing and boat show in Raleigh, NC and I have a question. What has happened? Over several years now I have seen these shows grow smaller and smaller to the point were they have started to become a joke among sportsman. People that I know and others I hear talking complain about such things as no vendors, no deals , nothing to buy, no seminars etc. the list goes on.

Why is this? I think I know part of the reason, it's you the sportsman. You do not come out and support these shows and those that do complain to the wrong people. You need to tell the stores your buying from that you want to see them. Tell the show promoters that you want more seminars and speakers. They will only do this if you attend. Is everyone becoming so busy they have no time to attend these shows? I think not!

It cost the good people selling their products at these shows a lot of money just to rent the space, the Harrisburg show for example is over $2,000 for a booth, not to mention the other associated cost. Just imagine if you will how much one boat dealer has spent in fuel just to haul all of those boats to the show floor.

The problems with the sportsman and boat shows is you! It is like anything else if you do not attend it will die away. So here is your job, attend at least one sportsman show this season and take 2 friends or relatives with you. Have them take 2 friends and so on. If we can keep this trend up then it will not be very long before we are all getting the shows we want! Remember it is up to you. I know that I still enjoy both attending and working these shows. I get the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from both sides of the venue and all walks of life. Remember, the one on one attention you get at these shows is not something you can buy on-line or from a catalog!

I heard this little saying in my Lodge one day several years ago and it has stuck with me and has so much truth in it that I want to pass it along for you think about. It relates to so many parts of our lives that it should be a lesson we never forget. It does not matter if it is a Lodge, Church or boat show.

There is a Brother that has strayed from the Lodge and has not been attending. The Master goes to his home for a visit and knocks on the door. The man answers the door and welcomes him in. The Master says nothing and just takes a seat in front of the fireplace. After a short bit of time he gets up, walks to the fireplace and removes one burning log and sets it to the side. The log's fire diminishes until it burns out. The Master gets up again, picks the log back up and lays it back in the fire. It lights back up. The Master never speaks and shakes the mans hand and leaves and the brother knows he does not want to be the log.

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