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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer Patterns Part 2

Well as I said in my previous post summer time is pattern time. The dog days of summer are near and the fish will now be or already have made another move. For those of you who have been catching them in the 8-12 ft range you are probably scratching your heads saying now why don't they bite. The good news is they are biting you need to look a little deeper.

The dog days are when rain is at a minimum and temperatures have climbed. This means that the outflow from municipal draws for water on the reservoirs has increased and the inflow has decreased due to a lack of rain. The water temps have risen and the water movement is less. The fish you were catching have more then likely followed the thermocline. Start fishing those ledges in 15-20 ft. and see if that doesn't help a little. Good luck, tight lines and remember. Take a Kid fishing!

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