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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fall Pattern on Gaston - For Phil

Well since Phil wanted to know why I caught my fish different then what I had posted for Fall Patterns here goes.

Fished Gaston this past weekend with a major cold front that came through. It dropped down to the mid 20's at night which made it difficult to say the least. I had not been on the lake in about 5 years and spent zero practice time. Heck I was thrilled to just have caught fish! I found my fish on the inside edges of secondary points. They were in 15 - 18 ft. of water relating to the grass line. The technique I used was what we call fishing a "shaky head". It consist of using a lead head jig and usually a finesse worm. I personally like using the "Spot Remover" jigs from Buckeye baits as they are flat on the bottom, fall different and stand up perfect once on the bottom. I was able to catch over 60 fish on this the first day and around 15 the second. Note, on day 2 they only pulled water for about 30 minutes.

The top 2 patterns this past weekend consisted of fishing a small swim bait very slow on grass flats in approx. 10 ft. of water and also catching some schooling bass with a crankbait and worm.

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