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Friday, November 03, 2006

Fall Patterns

The weather, like the leaves is changing. The nights are getting cold and the lakes are ready to turn over. Some already have, many more are in the process. Now is the time for that small window of great "catching" in the fall. The shad have bunched up and ran to the backs of the creeks.

The bass are there now having followed the food. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and black buzz baits prevail and are the weapons of choice for most anglers this time of year. Thousands of miles of shoreline will be bombarded. Trolling motors will kick up mud in the endless pursuit of Mr. Bass. Many fish will be caught but many more, sometimes better fish will be passed over.

There is one pattern that the average angler does not try this time of year. It is a pattern that will often produce the largest stringer of fish from the back of the creek. It is a simple pattern that yoou can use with any of the earlier mention baits. The key is to position your boat in 8 - 10 ft of water and just cast down the middle of the pocket. Cast at every angle that you can. You will catch fish and good ones! This time of year many of the fish that move in the back of the creeks are suspended and this is a fantastic way to catch them. Good Luck and tight lines!

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