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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Slow traffic keep right!!!

I have been driving for 28 years now and I am wondering when the traffic laws changed? I was taught that the slower traffic on a highway was to keep right. It seems that the norm today is for someone to get on and move directly to the far left lane. It does not matter what speed they are traveling, or that there is a line of traffic behind them! The question is what possesses these people to do this? Are they just moronic or are they ignorant of the rules of the road? I think that today's society is to blame. Too many people are only about what's in it for me and what do I get out of it. We have traffic cops, why only worry about speeding or road rage. If they enforced the basic rules of the road then road rage would just fade away. People get in the right lane...get out of my way and do not ever assume that because I am towing a boat you need to pull out in front of me! Just my $.02 worth.

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